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Thought Leadership Community

Welcome to the TLC: the Thought Leadership Community

Here at Built-Right, we have had a lot of luck growing through LinkedIn. By demonstrating our technology in videos on LinkedIn, we’ve been crushing our growth goals.

As a Home Improvement thought leader yourself, we bet you are experiencing some of the same growth! I think we can work together to maximize our reach on the LinkedIn platform by commenting on one another’s content.

Not too familiar with what Built-Right does? Watch a quick tour of one of our client sites below!

How do we maximize our LinkedIn growth?

LinkedIn has a system that determines who sees what posts from their network. To show folks relevant posts, LinkedIn uses a couple of signals. Those signals include:

  • Interaction – comments, shares, and likes (with comments being most important)
  • Network – do these people share connections? Are they in the same industry?
  • Timeliness – a lot of comments in a small amount of time is best
With the right plan, both your content and Built-Right content can excel at these metrics and reach more people. Pretty cool, right?

What’s the Plan, Then?

The role of the Thought Leadership Community is to bring like-minded, non-competitive Home Improvement companies into one conversation, so that we can comment on and boost one another’s content.

We’ll post links to our content in a Group Conversation on LinkedIn. When you see a video or a post that you are interested in, you’ll leave a comment or a like. When you post a video into the thread, we will comment or like it. That way, your message gets out to the widest network possible!

Want to get started? Just message Kevin McKenzie on LinkedIn or call us. I’ll add you to the ongoing conversation.



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