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  • Comprehensive Reputation & Listing Management Our Essential Reputation Management Plan provides the foundation for maintaining a positive online presence by monitoring reviews across major platforms, managing responses to feedback, and delivering monthly reputation reports. This plan ensures you stay informed about what customers are saying, allowing you to respond promptly and professionally. By addressing feedback effectively, you can build trust and improve your brand’s reputation. Ideal for businesses looking to maintain a basic yet effective level of reputation management.
  • Strategic On-Page Search Engine Optimizations This plan offers essential keyword research, meta tag optimization, and content gap analysis to ensure your website is optimized for search engines and users. By focusing on primary keywords and improving meta tags, your site becomes more attractive to search engines, driving organic traffic. Addressing content gaps further enhances relevance and engagement. This package is perfect for businesses looking to establish a strong SEO foundation and improve their search engine visibility.
  • Effective Off-Page Search Engine Optimizations This plan focuses on essential link-building efforts and directory submissions to improve your website’s backlink profile and brand visibility. By acquiring 10+ high-quality backlinks per month and promoting your site in relevant directories, your site will see increased traffic and authority. The inclusion of AI-assisted content, optimized for search engines and tailored to home services, ensures consistent off-page content creation and backlink acquisition. This package is perfect for businesses looking to establish a strong foundation for their off-page SEO.
  • Robust Technical Search Engine Optimization Includes a comprehensive site audit with basic fixes, XML sitemap and robots.txt optimization, and initial page speed improvements. By addressing common SEO issues and enhancing site crawlability, your website will become more attractive to search engines. These foundational optimizations ensure a better user experience and improved search engine visibility. This package is perfect for businesses looking to establish a strong technical SEO foundation.
  • Dependable Web Management Our Essential Web Maintenance Plan ensures your website remains secure and functional with monthly security updates, regular backups, and basic performance monitoring. Protecting your site from threats and keeping data safe, this plan offers the essential maintenance needed for smooth and uninterrupted operation. It's perfect for businesses looking for a cost-effective solution to maintain their online presence without compromising on security and reliability. By addressing immediate performance issues, it helps keep your site running smoothly and efficiently.

I recommend his services all day! Such a trusting, honest, and genuine person.

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Kevin Dodge

For up to $5M Revenue Businesses


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Service List
  • Extensive Reputation & Listing Management Our Reputation Management Plan offers a comprehensive approach to managing and improving your online presence with thorough review monitoring, advanced response management, and strategic reputation improvement initiatives. Monthly reports provide detailed insights into your reputation status, allowing you to adapt and optimize your strategies effectively. This plan is ideal for businesses seeking a more proactive and strategic approach to reputation management, aiming to enhance their positive online image and mitigate negative feedback.
  • Enhanced On-Page Search Engine Optimizations Builds on the basics with advanced content optimization and enhanced meta tag refinement. By optimizing up to 4 pages per month and filling content gaps (versus blanket content creation), this plan significantly boosts your site's relevance and search engine performance. Ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their on-page SEO efforts, this package ensures a more comprehensive and effective optimization strategy, driving better user engagement and higher search engine rankings.
  • Premier Off-Page Search Engine Optimizations Elevate your online presence with our Advanced Off-Page SEO Plan, designed to drive significant growth through advanced link building. With 20+ high-quality backlinks each month, your brand will gain authority and visibility across the web. Our 4 AI-assisted articles, tailored to attract valuable backlinks and optimized for search engines, ensure consistent off-page content creation. This plan is ideal for businesses aiming for enhanced off-page performance and a stronger digital footprint.
  • Advanced Technical Search Engine Optimization Enhance your website’s technical foundation with our Standard Technical SEO Plan, offering advanced site audits and fixes for complex issues like site speed, mobile usability, and structured data errors. By implementing structured data, your site gains better search engine understanding and improved rich snippet visibility. Optimizing internal linking and crawl budget ensures efficient navigation and indexing, leading to a more user-friendly and search engine-compatible site. This package is ideal for businesses aiming to elevate their technical SEO and overall site performance.
  • Proactive Web Management This plan offers enhanced protection and performance for your website with daily backups and comprehensive security management. We optimize your site’s performance to ensure fast load times and a smooth user experience. Priority technical support ensures timely resolution of issues. Additionally, we provide intermediate IT services, including advanced CRM integrations, sophisticated lead capture capabilities with automated workflows, third-party tool integrations, making this plan perfect for businesses seeking to maintain a high-performing and secure website with enhanced functionality.
  • High-Impact Paid Ads Management Provides, Campaign Budget Optimization, advanced targeting and segmentation, keyword and creative testing, and detailed performance reports. These additions allow businesses to refine their audience targeting, test different strategies, and receive more frequent insights for campaign optimization. This plan is crucial for clients looking to improve their ad performance and achieve better ROI through more sophisticated techniques.

Super responsive to all of our company’s requests! Easy to work with. Highly recommend!

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Phyllis Moore

For $5M+ Revenue Businesses


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Service List
  • All-Inclusive Reputation & Listing Management Our Premium Reputation Management Plan offers the highest level of protection and enhancement for your online reputation with 24/7 review monitoring, personalized response management, and proactive reputation building. Immediate alerts and advanced strategies ensure all feedback is addressed promptly and professionally. This plan includes reputation repair and crisis management support, providing a comprehensive safety net for any negative publicity. Monthly reports and consultations with a dedicated manager ensure continuous improvement and optimal reputation management, making it perfect for businesses that prioritize maintaining an impeccable online image.
  • Superior On-Page Search Engine Optimizations Our Premium SEO Plan offers the most extensive on-page optimization, including comprehensive content enhancements, schema markup, and performance monitoring. By optimizing up to 6 pages per month and incorporating advanced features like SEO-based press releases and slide deck videos, your site will achieve top-tier search engine rankings. This plan is perfect for businesses aiming for the highest level of SEO performance, providing robust online visibility and substantial organic growth. With detailed reporting and continuous improvement, you'll stay ahead in the competitive search landscape.
  • Elite Off-Page Search Engine Optimizations This comprehensive package offers extensive link-building campaigns, PR outreach, and advanced content syndication to maximize your online presence. By targeting high-authority sites and acquiring 60+ high-quality backlinks per month, your brand authority and visibility will be significantly enhanced. Advanced strategies ensure your content is widely distributed, attracting premium backlinks. The inclusion of AI-assisted content tailored to home services ensures consistent off-page content creation, while GBP management further strengthens your local SEO. This plan is indispensable for businesses seeking top-tier off-page SEO results and substantial online growth.
  • Expert Technical Search Engine Optimization This comprehensive plan offers a detailed site audit with extensive fixes, advanced structured data implementation, and ongoing performance monitoring to maximize your technical SEO efforts. By addressing complex SEO issues and continuously optimizing site performance, your site will achieve top-tier search engine rankings. The inclusion of advanced technical SEO strategies ensures your site adheres to best practices and targets high-value keywords. This package is essential for businesses seeking the highest level of technical SEO performance and substantial organic growth.
  • Premium Web Management Our Premium Web Maintenance Plan offers the highest level of protection, performance, and support for your website. With real-time backups, advanced security management, and continuous performance optimization, your site will remain secure, fast, and efficient. Priority technical support ensures quick resolution of any issues, while regular content updates keep your site fresh and engaging. Additionally, we provide advanced IT services, including comprehensive CRM integrations, complex lead capture capabilities with advanced automations, and custom API integrations. This plan is ideal for businesses that prioritize the best possible maintenance and support for their website, ensuring robust functionality and seamless integration with business operations.
  • Top-Notch Paid Ads Management Our Top-notch Paid Ads Plan offers the most comprehensive approach to paid advertising, focusing on high-quality ad creation and driving conversions. With expertly crafted ad copy and visuals, along with advanced creative strategies, your ads will stand out and attract the right audience. Landing page optimization and A/B testing ensure maximum conversion rates. Utilizing Google’s Performance Max campaigns, this plan leverages machine learning for superior targeting and optimization. Detailed performance reports and in-depth analysis provide actionable insights, making this package essential for businesses seeking to achieve top-tier results from their paid advertising efforts.
  • Powerfu l Media Buying While our paid ads management allows clients to unlock unapparelled precision and scalability on platforms like Google Ads, social media, to drive immediate results and maximize return on investment; our media buying allows clients to dominate the media landscape with strategically sourced and secured premium ad placements across TV, radio, print, and online platforms to ensure your brand reaches the right audience at the right time.

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Ian Loew

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The entire team has provided immaculate service since the very beginning!


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I have been working with Kevin and Tony for roughly 6 months now. They are very…

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William Becker

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Basic SEO Addons

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Working with Spencer at BuiltRight has been amazing for us. If you are interested in SEO…

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Devin Obrien

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Cody Henson

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