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7 Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Home Improvement Business

It’s no surprise that customers are more likely to hire home improvement companies with 5-star reviews. And since 97% of consumers use online media to research local services in their area, it benefits your business to have as many positive reviews as possible! Among the many review platforms available, Google is by far the most popular. 

Why does it benefit your remodeling company to have Google reviews? 

  • More leads
  • More purchases 
  • Higher SEO ranking
  • Budget-friendly advertising 

How do you start getting Google reviews?

Before we jump into ways you can get more Google Reviews for your remodeling company, we’ll give you a quick overview of how to get your company established on Google’s platform. First, you’ll need a verified Google Business Profile. This process can be a little tricky, which is why your account manager at Built-Right Digital would be happy to facilitate the process for you. We work directly with Google to make sure the verification process is fast and easy.

Did you know: Built-Right will help you set up your verified Google Business Profile!

1. Link Your Google Review Page to Your Website

When a happy customer wants to leave a 5-star review for your home remodeling business, chances are the first place they’ll go is your website. To make it easy for your customers to leave positive reviews on your home improvement website, your call to action should be clear and easy to find. 

2. Ask Customers for Google Reviews

Getting Google Reviews doesn’t have to be hard—sometimes all you have to do is ask! If you have a great conversation with a customer who’s happy with your work, you can ask them if they’d be willing to share their kind words on your reviews page. 

3. Get a Google QR Code

A QR code is a digital shortcut your customers can use to engage with your reviews page. All they have to do is point their Smart Phone at the QR code, and they’ll be taken to your Google review page. Your Google Review QR code can appear in a variety of places to maximize convenience, from traditional paper brochures to your sleek, modern website. 

4. Ask for Google Reviews on Social Media

Is your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Social media is so much more than just a place to post updates and albums of your recent remodels. These platforms are also a great place to spark conversations with your audience and invite clients to review your work. You can also post a screengrab of a 5-star review and invite your audience to check out other reviews on your Google reviews page. 

Studies show that 40% of consumers use social media to research new brands and services, so the SEO experts at Built-Right Digital recommend building a robust social media presence! 

5. Respond to Online Reviews for Home Improvement

People love to see businesses engage with their customers. This type of interaction signals to potential customers that the business truly cares about their clients. It also establishes your authenticity in a world where it’s sometimes difficult to tell how real or reputable a business is. Replying to a customer review with a polite thank-you or a promise to resolve an issue will leave potential clients with a positive impression of your company. 

6. Ask Vendors and Partners for Google Reviews

While vendors aren’t technically customers, they’re still trusted partners who know what it’s like to work with you on a regular basis. You can ask a vendor to leave a Google Review for your contracting business, and sweeten the deal by offering them one in return! 

7. Include A Google Review Link in Your Email Signature

If you frequently chat with your clients via email, adding a Google Review link to your email signature is a great way to make your clients aware of the page. You can even include a friendly request for reviews like, “Happy with our work? Leave us a review!” or “Have we helped you? Give us a review here!” 

Interested in getting more 5-star reviews for your home improvement company? Built-Right Digital can help! Call us today to get the resources you need to thrive in the competitive home improvement market.



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