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The Secret to Getting the Most Out of Your CRM

Having a CRM is essential to running a successful home improvement business. Without one, you have no way to keep track of who your customers are, what projects you’ve completed for them, and what outreach attempts your sales team has made. A good CRM puts all of this information and much more right at your fingertips in an organized and easy-to-use format. Despite these numerous benefits, using a CRM can feel time consuming, frustrating, and of questionable value if you have to enter all the information by hand. That’s why the most high performing remodelers all use this simple trick: CRM website integration!

CRM Integration for Home Improvement Companies

Did you know: Built-Right can integrate your CRM with your website? This means you can skip the step of manually inputting data from form submissions like the names and contact information of potential customers. Manually inputting this data into your CRM is not only time consuming, but introduces a high risk of human error. With CRM website integration, that information will be taken automatically from the site and inputted directly into the CRM. Your sales team can focus on what matters most: calling new leads and bringing in business!

CRM integration also provides your team with valuable insight on where your new customers are coming from. With use of the tracking numbers on the website, we can pinpoint exactly how users get onto the website, so we don’t have to rely on the client’s memory to indicate how they found your page. That means we can better analyze what channels are producing the most leads for your business!

Integrate Your CRM and Remodeling Website Today

If you’re a current partner of Built-Right, we’d be happy to help you integrate your CRM with your website. And if you don’t currently have a CRM or are looking for a change, we can recommend a CRM solution that’s specially designed for home improvement and remodeling companies. Just reach out to your Built-Right account manager today to learn more!

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