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Google reviews going missing? Try this! 

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You work hard to earn those 5-star reviews, so it’s natural that you want them prominently displayed when someone Googles your business. While the vast majority of reviews will make it to your Google My Business profile without a hitch, a few may get lost along the way. 

Luckily, Google has a simple solution for this! 

Here’s how to connect with Google to get those lost reviews back. 

Step one.

First, click on this link:

This will bring you to the Google Business Profile Help page. Scroll down to the “What can we help with?” box and type “Google review missing.” 

When you hit enter on your search query, a menu will pop up with a couple of options to help Google better understand the situation. For missing reviews, you’ll want to click “Review missing.” 

Google will show you a list of resources regarding missing reviews. While these can be helpful from an educational perspective, this step doesn’t prompt any action from Google to get those wayward reviews back. Click “next step” and head on over to the Contact Options section.

Step two.

On this page, you’ll be prompted with a few more questions

Once your details are filled in, hit that submit button! 

Step three.

You should immediately receive a confirmation email from Google letting you know they’re hard at work on your case. At this point, all you have to do is wait patiently for them to review the case and get back to you. This can take a couple of days, so just sit tight while they work on your behalf.

Step four. 

Alright! A few days have passed and you’ve gotten a reply back from Google. It’s a boilerplate email response with some additional resources, but don’t fret: those lost reviews are now at your fingertips! 

Simply reply back with a politely worded message: 

“The resources did not help me resolve the issue. Please let me know how I can get my reviews reinstated.” 

You’ll be assigned an agent who will help you reinstate those missing Google reviews. 

Now, just sit back and wait for those shiny 5-star reviews to re-appear! 

(Quick note: reviews that were removed for policy violations won’t be reinstated, that’s just how Google rolls.)

If you have any questions about missing Google reviews, give your Built-Right account manager a call. We’re always happy to help! 

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