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Best Practices for Hiring Top Remodelers


Struggling with staffing? You’re not alone! Demand for home services has surged in the past eighteen months, but the job market is struggling to keep up. That’s left remodeling companies across the country understaffed and overworked as they try to keep up with the flood of projects from millions of stay-at-home workers. Good candidates are out there, but competition is fierce—that’s why it’s important to have a solid hiring plan in place. 

So, what can your company do to hire the best home improvement pros? 

Detailed job descriptions 

A good job description for home improvement workers is clear, concise, and comprehensive. That means it hits all the important points without being wordy or confusing. Think of the job description as a brochure about the position. What do you want the candidate to know about the job? What tasks will they be expected to do, and what skills will they need to do them successfully? 

Just like a well-written travel brochure, the job description should give the reader enough information to make a confident decision about whether or not it’s the right fit for them. Be sure to explicitly mention any required licenses or certification applicants need (i.e. master plumbing license, certified HVAC technician, etc). Plus, this saves your team time since they’ll have fewer applications to sift through and more time to focus on the top candidates. 

Dedicated hiring page

Having a “Careers” page on your home remodeling website is a great way to signal to candidates that you’re hiring. You can also include interesting factoids about your company’s history and culture, like how long you’ve been around, what charities you partner with, and pictures of your adorable dog mascot! 

Built-Right clients can reach out to their account manager to have a customized career page added to your home improvement site. Feel free to supply us with the job descriptions you’d like posted; we’d also be happy to write them for you! Our team has deep knowledge of the remodeling industry, so you can trust us to craft a detailed job post tailored to your company’s needs. 

Post on Indeed 

If you’re thinking about posting your job to a third-party career site, Indeed is the way to go. Indeed accounts for 65% of all hires from job sites, more than double all other career sites combined. It’s also a popular job board for remodelers! We assist our clients with hiring on Indeed, which we do by posting jobs and tracking candidate analytics. Our goal is to streamline the process as much as possible and take the headache out of hiring remodelers, all at no additional charge

Built-Right Digital can level-up your hiring game by posting tailor-made ads on Indeed. We’ll leverage our tech resources and up-to-date knowledge of the remodeling industry to help you build a strong talent pipeline. 

Contact us today to learn more! 

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