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4 Ways Call Centers Benefit Home Services Businesses


Call centers are a helpful addition to remodeling companies looking to streamline their customer service. From lowering in-house costs to boosting customer satisfaction, there are a ton of benefits to be gained with a reputable call center. 

Here are just a few of the many advantages of using a call center to power your home services company: 

Lower costs 

Most call centers only charge you for the time their agent is on the phone with your customers. That makes them significantly cheaper than in-house call center teams who must be paid for downtime between calls. And while reduced operational costs are a win for businesses of all sizes, this is an especially beneficial solution to small remodeling businesses and owner-operator companies that would otherwise be priced out of in-house call center support. 

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Identify Urgent Calls

Being able to effectively triage incoming calls is vital to providing a great customer experience. Call centers can determine what a client needs and escalate them appropriately to minimize customer wait time. 

Some providers also offer call center software that allows the caller to indicate their needs by entering a specific number. Whether human or digital, a call center has the tools your business needs to ensure customers get the level of service they require to keep them happy and loyal. 

Boost Sales

Handling your own calls – especially when you’re working hard at a job site or leading your sales team – can be frustrating and inefficient. Balancing inbound calls while you attempt to finish a project can lead you to feel overwhelmed and like you can’t devote your attention to the task at hand. This can also result in missed calls and clients falling into the hands of local competitors. 

With a call center, you can expect 24/7 coverage for inbound calls, even if your entire staff is busy and away from their phones. You can also set your call center to take overflow calls if your in-house sales staff are all occupied with other calls at the moment. Your call center will make it so not a single call falls through the cracks.

Competitive Advantage

If your competitor has 24/7 phone coverage but customers calling your number are often hit with a busy signal or voicemail, then those customers will dial your competitor next. That’s because selling a good product or service isn’t enough – your customers expect to be able to call you. 

Potential customers are more likely to spend money – especially on big-budget projects like roof replacements, kitchen remodels, and siding installations – if they’re confident they’ll get better customer support than what your competition can provide. Picking up the phone every time a customer calls is an easy and effective way to demonstrate your dedication to the customer experience. 

Is a call center right for your home remodeling company? 

Adding call center service to your home services business is a big decision, and there are lots of providers and solutions to choose from. It’s important to partner with a call center that’s trustworthy, meets your business’s needs, and complements your budget. 

Looking for a call center for your home services business? We’ve partnered with SignPost to provide a free trial of their great Live Call Center solution – claim your free trial here:

Any questions about best practices or wondering how to integrate your call center with your website? Give us a call – we are here to help!

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