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Need for Speed: How to Improve Your Speed to Lead


When you are looking for ways to improve your bottom line, speed to lead is often overlooked. When you improve your speed to lead, you can generate more appointments and more revenue, all from the same number of leads!

Harvard Business Review has great insights into the “State of the Art” for speed to lead. The broad takeaways? Businesses take ENTIRELY too long to reply to their sales leads. Fully 74% of companies are missing the mark, and mostly by a very broad margin.

Source: Harvard Business Review, The Short Life of Sales Leads,

So, what can you do to book more appointments from the same amount of leads? It’s easy! Improve your speed to lead. Here’s how:

  1. Automate your input. If your lead sources are not already linked to your CRM, be sure to integrate them! We can help if you’re not sure where to start. LeadPerfection does great work at integration.
  2. Automate your outreach. If you’re not responding automatically to inbound sales inquiries, you can and should! SignPost has excellent options here.
  3. Man the phones. A local homeowner should never hit your voicemail. If you are not catching every phone call, consider hiring on a phone answering service. We even have a free trial for an excellent phone answering service for you!

Now that you’re armed with the data you need to succeed, what are you waiting for? Give your phone number a call – see how quickly your phone answering team can get your appointment on the books. If it isn’t 5 minutes or less, now you know how to accelerate your response time and get more appointments from the same amount of marketing!

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