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3 Reasons Your Website Needs Case Studies 


Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, replacing a roof, or conducting a detailed home inspection, your work deserves to be featured in a case study and shared on your website. A case study gives your customers, both new and returning, a glimpse into your work. Not only does this assure them that you’re the right contractor for the job, but can also serve to inspire them when it comes to planning their next project. Here are three ways case studies can benefit your business: 

1. Demonstrate your skills & expertise

Have you ever had a bad experience with a business you found online? In this day and age, most people have. That’s why 81% of people conduct online research before they purchase something. They want to make sure that whoever they’re receiving the service from is reliable, professional, and skilled at delivery. A case study shows potential clients that you are a true-blue master at your craft. A well-written case study with a few beautiful before and after images will give your customers the confidence that your team is the best one for the job. 

2. Strengthen relationships with customers 

Happy customers are some of your company’s strongest ambassadors. These are the people who get excited when they get the final project walkthrough and go on to write 5-star reviews and tell everyone in their network about you. You can take their enthusiasm one step further by inviting them to participate in a case study. People are excited to share good experiences, and by asking them to chat with you, they’ll feel like you truly value their time and satisfaction. And since case studies are usually written from the point of view of a happy client, customers find them more honest and relatable than traditional advertisements. 

3. Boost your sales team’s close rate 

Case studies make your sales team’s job easier because the customer has already had a preview of your work. When a potential customer enters the sales process from a place of trust and respect for your skills, they’re already primed to say yes. They understand that your sales pitch is not just empty words and promises – instead, it’s backed up by real results! Case studies can also be shared with clients who are still in the “window shopping” phase and meeting with multiple contractors to give your team an edge over the competition. 

Adding case studies to your website…

The team at Built-Right is happy to help you add case studies to your website. If you’d like to write your case studies in-house, all you have to do is send over the content and we’ll post it to a newly designed tab on your website. We also have a content team that can write the case study for you. In that case, we’ll need a brief summary of the project, some of your favorite quotes from the client, and some beautiful before-and-after pictures. (Want to take magazine-worthy project photos? We have a guide for that!) 

When you’re ready to enhance your digital presence with remodeling case studies, reach out to your Built-Right account manager to get started! 

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