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Meet the Team Pages: Allowing Your Clients to Put Faces to Names


In the digital era, it can be hard to add that personal touch to your first interaction with a prospective client – especially if they’re simply filling out a contact form on your website. Your site establishes your professional credibility and brand authority, but with the right addition, it can also create a personable and friendly impression. That’s where the Meet the Team page comes in! 

Eliminating Stranger Danger

No one wants to confront the anxiety that comes with meeting someone for the first time, especially someone you’ve never even seen a picture of. For that reason, the first (and probably most obvious) reason for a meet the team page is to create familiarity. 

Considering the industry you work in, it’s important for clients to feel comfortable around you and your team. After all, you will eventually be doing work in their home. Clients want to get to know you and your team before you’re around them, their children, dog, and valuable personal belongings. Establishing a professional relationship that harnesses trust can make the job both smoother and more comfortable for your team and the client. 

Helpful for User Experience

Not everyone is comfortable navigating websites. Those who prefer in-person or over-the-phone interactions need to know who to speak to. For example, a client inquiring about a walk-in bathtub doesn’t necessarily need to speak to the business owner. Instead, the client could talk to a salesperson.

Meet the team pages will help potential clients decipher and choose which member of the team they need to speak with (or who they’ve already been communicating with). Additionally, if they’re going to meet you in-person, a picture of you on the website can help them easily recognize you when it comes time to meet.

Bragging about Your Awesome Team

This reason for having a meet the team page on your site goes without saying. You have an awesome team, so why not take every opportunity you get to show them off? Not only will it make your team feel appreciated and valued, but it’ll also be appealing to clients. 

Potential clients want to get the best service possible, so they want to know that your team can handle the job with ease. Highlighting specific professional experiences and skills will persuade clients to choose your business over others, without much effort.

Creating Personal Connections

It doesn’t always have to remain strictly business. Sometimes clients want to talk to you about their day or about how hard it was to find someone for the their upcoming home improvement project. You and your team should appear friendly and willing to listen to clients, even though it may not always be about the job at hand. After all, this may make doing the job more fun for your team and push clients towards leaving you a positive review about their experience with your team and business.

Talking to someone they’ve never met or seen can be weird and uncomfortable. Allowing clients to see pictures and read short bios of each member of your team can make them feel more connected. In a world where most of our interactions are virtual, this is an important aspect of good business communication.

Standing Out From Scams

It’s no secret that there are tons of scam sites on the internet. Being a legit business, you want to do everything in your power to make sure you don’t blend in with scams. Having a meet the team page is one way to establish credibility. Potential clients can see and read about each member of the team and be confident that your business is trustworthy.

Prepare For Your New Meet the Team Page

Before you can create a meet the team page, there are a few things you need to have ready:

  • Pictures: Be sure to have clear pictures of every team member you’d like to include on the page. You should establish some general guidelines to follow when it comes to pictures. If you’re going for a more relaxed, playful feel, you want to make sure every team member’s picture reflects that tone. On the other hand, if you’d like them to be professional headshots, everyone needs to have one. Consistency is key: you don’t want half of the pictures to be relaxed and playful and the other half to be professional headshots.
    • Pro Tip: Make the titles of each picture the name of the team member so it’s easier to place names with pictures.
  • Names and Titles: This should be an easy one! Simply have the names and titles of each team member ready to go. 
  • Bios (optional, but always nice): Have each member that’s going to be on the page write a short bio about themselves. This can be less than a paragraph talking about their experience within the industry or specifically, your company. Similar to establishing guidelines for pictures, you should do the same with bios. If they’re going to be personal, have everyone write one that’s personal. Make sure the tone for bios is the same across the board.

After you have everything ready, your meet the team page is halfway done! Now, let the pros at Built Right take it from here. Your account manager would be happy to help you upload your team’s information and format it into a friendly and interactive Meet the Team page. Reach out today to get started! 

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