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The Best 3 Review Sites for Remodelers (And One to Avoid!)

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You know that your reputation is key to growing your remodeling business. If you ask your customers why they chose to get a quote from you, many will tell you: it’s because they read about you online from a source they trust – your previous customers!

How do you take the great home improvement projects you are doing, and turn them into positive reviews that will earn you more business? You ask your customers for reviews! It will be important to ask for reviews on the right review websites, though! After all, you wouldn’t want to put reviews where no one would read them, and you definitely don’t want your reviews being filtered or used for another company’s lead generation.

Here are the top 3 review websites for remodelers:


Google My Business is a standard, and for good reason! All your customers need to have to leave a review is a Google account – a Gmail or Youtube account totally works! In less than 30 seconds, they can leave a review for you.

Our client in Indianapolis, Richmond Exteriors, shows how it’s done with their Google My Business listing:

Our partner Richmond Exteriors gives the reader everything they need to buy, all in the Google search!

That review appears:

  • When folks search for your business name
  • On Google maps at the top of search results
  • In Google Local Services Ads – check those out below!

Want to spice up your Google My Business listing? Simply complete the application to join Google Local Services Ads, and you will get a “Google Guaranteed” badge. That way, folks who see your reviews will be more likely to call you and request services.

What a great call-out to add to your Google listing – and now you know how!


Facebook is another favorite – your professional Facebook profile shows up often in online searches for your brand name, and almost all of your customers already have a Facebook account. Better still, there is no pesky filter that steals away your reviews.

If you’re not already using Facebook’s business profile functionality, now is the time to get on board! Reviews show up right in Google search results.

Your Own Website!!!

What site on the web does just about every one of your customers visit before doing business with you? YOUR site, of course! Make the purchasing journey easier by including persuasive reviews on your website.

With the right technology, your website reviews play an important dual purpose. Your website is a safe space to collect reviews, where good and bad feedback both serve a valuable purpose. Bad feedback shows you where to improve your processes, in a more private environment than say a Yelp review or a Facebook post. Good reviews add to your social proof that you can show to potential buyers in the home.

Our client in Jacksonville, Gutter Cap of Florida, absolutely CRUSHES the competition with 5-star reviews! We can show you how.

At Built-Right Digital, we are constantly looking for ways to use technology to make running your business easier and more profitable. We integrate reviews collection directly into your website, and format your reviews so that Google shows review stars next to your listing. If you’re interested in marketing your home improvement business with a better reputation, give us a call!

One Review Site to Avoid: Yelp

We promised one site to avoid, and this one is pretty much unanimous: Yelp.

What’s not to love about Yelp? Well, first and foremost, their reviews filter is a bear. The first or second review you get on Yelp is often caught by the reviews filter. This seems to be more common for first time reviewers, which your customers often are (assuming your homeowners aren’t super hip, restaurant reviewing millennials).

If a customer goes to your Yelp profile and hits the request quote button, they get quotes from your competitors. Eew!

Not only that, but until you pay Yelp for leads, the “Request Estimate” button on your profile sends readers to OTHER REMODELERS for an estimate. Yuck, we don’t love that! So that’s why we recommend if you don’t already have a Yelp account, don’t make one now.

So there you have it – Three review sites that will help you grow your home remodeling business! 

If you are looking for a top-flight website run by tech experts who understand your business, think about Built-Right Digital. Our team serves exclusively home improvement businesses, from remodelers to service contractors like electricians and HVAC companies. We build the technology so that you can grow your business faster, while just leaving the website to us! Give us a call for a free website review today.

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