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How to Verify your Google My Business Listing with a Verification Video

How to Verify your Google My Business Listing with a Verification Video

When Google asks for a Video Verification for your Google My Business listing, it can be tricky to know exactly what they’re looking for! Below, we break the process down into an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

Get Started with Video Verification

Step 1: Login to Google My Business

To get started with video verification, log into your Google My Business at

Step 2: Press Verify Now

On the homepage of Google My Business after logging in, you should see a “Verification Needed” pane. Press “Verify Now.”

Step 3: Enter Your Business Address

Enter the address you would like listed with Google My Business – it can be an office or a residence, it just can’t be a PO Box or co-working space!

Step 4: Prepare your Documentation

Now we’re almost ready to take the video! You will want to make sure you can get ALL THREE of these things in the video, so make sure you have them handy:

  1. Current Address Signage: Get the street address or your sign on the building.
  2. Business equipment: Your branded truck, appointment calendar, promo materials, or a toolbox all work!
  3. Proof of Management: Access to a booking system (like your CRM or email being open on your desktop), your business license, or show yourself entering the company vehicle.

Step 5: Take the Video (Finally!)

Make sure that you are logged in on your phone to the Google Account that has access to the Google My Business listing – this is often your professional email address!

Then, open your Camera app, and hover over the QR Code on the screen. That will pop up a link. Click that link, and follow the prompts on screen to take your video.

And, action! Take the video, narrating what each piece of evidence is.

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